Kool Kampot


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Kampot, the third largest coastal province in Cambodia, shares a border with Vietnam to the east and extends into the Gulf of Siam to the south. The provincial capital is also named Kampot and sits near the base of the abundant green Elephant Mountains and the famous Bokor Hill Station.

Bokor National Park is popular for its cool mountain climate and remains a year-round favourite among travellers. The scenery from the top is captivating, especially in the morning hours when one can literally touch the clouds and take in the bracing mountain air.

Kampot's main attraction is its relaxing riverside setting. While there is a sizable town set back from the river, the majority of visitors will spend most of their time enjoying the river and the local countryside. Take a sunset cruise along the river, visit the fish market, caves, pepper plantations, salt fields and see some beautiful rural countryside.

Kampot offers many historical and natural wonders to discover, and serves as a common gateway for visiting near beaches of Kep and its islands.

Kampot province is also renowned for the quality of its fruits (coconut, durian, mango), its sea salt and of course the famous Kampot pepper.